Our Super Products

Dr Gaye Super-Shake: is primarily a breakfast shake powerhouse of goodness which gives you all your daily nutritional requirements in a bio-available mixture and takes a minute to make. These healthy shakes take a minute to make and are not made from whey, soy or pea protein, like many other high protein shakes. All the ingredients are in their raw state and unprocessed.

Dr Gaye Super-Porridge: is an oat-free, grain-free, protein packed healthy porridge meal which is filling and nourishing any time of the day. This is not a meal replacement, this is a multi-vitamin packed meal!

Dr Gaye Super-Blend: is for people on the go, travelling or at their desk, without any kitchen appliances to hand. The combination of 14 ingredients mix up like a protein shake powder and can be stirred into anything to create a healthly protein shake, health yogurt, health drink or extra nutrient-packed bowl of cereal.

Dr Gaye Super-Spoonful: is a mix of metabolism-boosting ingredients which can be sprinkled onto anything from desserts to porridge, even straight into the palm of your hand! This delicious combination can be eaten as a power snack, any time of day.

What is Dr Gaye?

The Dr Gaye range of healthy shakes, blends, mixes and snacks offer high-performance foods that deliver bio-available, food-grade nutrients and vitamins which fit into a busy life-style.

All Dr Gaye products are organic, grain-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, 100% raw, unprocessed, vegetarian and perfect for diets such as: Paleo, raw, 5:2, Bullet Proof and alkaline. We design complex, nutrient dense products, not just ordinary protein shakes for women or men, but high protein shakes, porridges and blends all sourced from nature, which are suitable for all the family and deliver all the vitamins, minerals and fats needed in a daily diet.

We don’t advocate diet pills, meal-replacements or quick-fix detox programmes, instead our product range is intended to be complete nutrition and health for life. The products deliver all the vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins you need to complement your current diet. We’ve noticed that when people start re-mineralising, their sugar-cravings subside, their food choices improve and they have a multitude of long-term, positive health changes.